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Filings are performed using the Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGARLink Software. Confirmation of acceptance is returned via electronic mail to Network Financial Printing and is immediately faxed to the client.

Test Filing

Test filings are performed for filings where timing is critical or when modules will be referenced to verify the CCC (CIK Confirmation Code) and module names.

CIK Verification

CIKs (Central Index Key) which are used to identify filers to the SEC are checked against the SEC’s database to insure the CIK matches the filer. This step reduces the chance of rejection as a result of an erroneous CIK number.

Verification/Quality Control

Proofreading All EDGAR material converted from electronic form is slug-read (start and end of paragraphs); tabular pages requiring redesign (i.e., breaking a table) are read word-for-word. Scanned material is spell checked and proofread word-for-word after being run through special software to look for common scanning errors (interchange of characters such as periods and commas, 5’s Continue Reading

EDGAR Formatting

The following formatting steps are performed by Network Financial Printing in the EDGARization of documents: Documents are converted to print image ASCII within the EDGAR formatting restrictions (80 characters wide for text and 132 characters for tabular) Any formatting inconsistencies are corrected Special characters are changed to legal ASCII characters or sequences EDGAR tags are Continue Reading

Scanning and Keying

Since all documents must be filed electronically, there will be requirements for the scanning and keying of documents, such as certain exhibits which may only be available in paper form. Network Financial Printing uses state of the art scanning technology to scan documents combined with proprietary cleanup software which employs a lexicon and special tests Continue Reading


Network Financial Printing performs EDGAR conversions from documents originated on virtually any typesetting, desktop publishing or word processing system. Documents can be converted and combined from a variety of sources including: Popular desktop systems such as PageMaker or QuarkXPress for Macintosh or PC. Word processing systems such as WordPerfect, Microsoft Word for Macintosh or Windows. Continue Reading